Old news

2013/10/26: 北京電子樂偶遇 2013

2013/05/12: Bwave [ …… ] At Zajia lab

2012/11/18: Bwave Data Wave At Zajia lab

2012/10/21: 北京電子偶遇 BEME 2012

2012/06/08: 耳往聲處 央美現場 Audio Visual art Live at CAFA Media LAB

2012/03/03: 薩麗不跳舞 Sally can’t dance Festival

2011/12/18: 2 号现实混合 GreatInternetFormat Reality Mix #2

2011/08/20: Bwave 五周年聚演 Bwave 5th Anniversary

2011/08/13: Bwave 循環迷湯 Loop soup

2010/11/13: 平行振盪 Parallel oscillation – live at unspace (chang chun)

2010/10/23: 話劇配樂 陌生人 Incidental music for drama – stranger (bei jing)

2010/09/08: 平行振盪 兩個好朋友酒吧 Parallel oscillation – live at 2kolegas

2010/06/10-13: 2010 迷你迷笛 – 福建巡演 2010 Mini Midi

2010/05/07: Bwave nofi live 上海696現場 Bwave- nofi live at 696 bar (shang hai)

2009/12/13: Bwave 第九回 Bwave number nine (fu zhou)

2009/08/16: Bwave – 畫符解咒 BWC Hua fu jie zhou (shang hai)

2009/03/21: 第二屆 薩利不跳舞 音樂節 Sally can’t dance—2th China avant garde music festival (bei jing)

2009/03/15: 靜默或者腦波交流 Silence or silence or Brainwave Communication(shang hai)

2009/01/11: 2009年新年演出 Performance – New year’s party (fu zhou)

Projects participated:
2007 july: Invited to join get it louder, shanghai

2007 dec: Worked in shenzhen & hong kong bi-city biennale of urbanism, deadend hq. (projects of bao studio)

And more…
2006 nov: Held and performed the first event, Bwave, in fuzhou jazz blue bar

2006 nov: Performed in second skin sound festival, hang zhou

2006 dec: Shao yuan no.1 bar, fuzhou, sound art exclusive show

2006 july: Radio of university of oregon, usa. introduced and played his sound works

2007 april, “we live in hangzhou”, china academy of arts live performance

2007 july: Get it louder, shanghai

2008 may: Midi music festival, beijing

2009 june: Mastermind behind independent design and planning group: zhicago