音乐人 艺术家

出生于中国福建,现居北京。音乐厂牌Bwave创办人,视听艺术现场Pixel Echo发起人。从事音乐、视听艺术、装置艺术等跨媒介交互创作以及相关活动的组织策划。目前为止他参与及独立出版超过二十多张唱片,组织参与了上百场次的视听艺术表演以及国内外艺术展览。是中国大陆目前最为活跃的跨界创作者之一。

从2004年开始从事噪音音乐创作,2006年创办音乐厂牌Bwave,组织实验音乐现场演出活动。2008年策划出版了Bwave两周年的合辑“va:2”,包括alva noto, Longmo, Idrioema等世界各地的艺术家参加到这个合辑。2009年在Sub Rosa 出版了合辑“An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008”。2012年之后他把重心放到电子音乐,数字生成艺术,装置艺术等创作方向上,以此建立新的艺术感官体验。

2019 烎潮音发布夜 – 装置作品 UFO+洪启乐
2018 时间迷宫 – 跨媒介艺术展
2018 界面效应 BECOMING 中国抽象艺术多媒介研究展
2018 桃花源新媒体艺术展 – 北京观塘艺术中心
2018北京今日未来馆 – 未来的异想新媒体艺术展艺术顾问
2018 混合园林 – 深圳中洲新媒体艺术展
2017北京今日美术馆 – .zip未来的狂想新媒体艺术展 纽约站
2017北京今日美术馆 – .zip未来的狂想新媒体艺术展 .
2016 北京媒体艺术双年展 BMAB2018 at China Beijing
2015 中央美术学院 动态之再:B3+BEIJING 动态影像展

2018 时间迷宫 – 跨媒介艺术展 开幕表演
2018 石家庄IDEE2018国际数字经济博览会 开幕表演
2018 混合园林 – 深圳中洲新媒体艺术展
2017 Pixel Echo – 今日美术馆专场
2017 专辑《PIXEL³》首发现场 乐空间

musician artist

born in Fujian, China, is an artist currently based in Beijing, China. As the founder of music brand Bwave and audiovisual brand Pixel Echo, he is actively involved in industries of music, audiovisual art, installation art, and related curating and producing, making him one of the most active cross-media art creator in the mainland China. Up to now, there are already more than 20 albums are produced by or featuring Hong’ music, more than 100 performances in and outside China involved Hong’s curation and performance.

Since 2004, he started his creative career in noise music. After that, he created music brand Bwave and organized numerous experimental music performance. In 2008, he produced the va:2, album featuring artists including alva noto, Longmo, Idrioema, and more international artists, for the 2nd anniversary of Bwave. In 2009, another compilation album, An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008, was released in Sub Rosa. He shifted his focus on electronic music, digital arts, installation arts after 2012, exploring new perceptions and experiences for arts.

– Selected Exhibitions
– Time Maze Cross Media Art Exhibition, Minsheng art Museum, Beijing, 2018
– BECOMING, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2018
– The First Art Season-Paradise on Earth Explore The Ideal World of The Chinese, Guan Tang Art District, Beijing, 2018
– Future of Today New Media Art Exhibition, Future Gallery of Beijing Today Art Museum, Wuhan, 2018
– Remix Garden New Media Art Exhibition, Shenzhen, 2018
– .zip Future Rhapsody · Future of Today, Future Gallery of Beijing Today Art Museum, New York, 2017
– .zip Future Rhapsody Xiaomi · Future of Today, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2017
– BMAB2016, CAFA, Beijing, 2016
– B3+BEIJING moving in time moving image, CAFA, Beijing, 2015

– Selected Concerts
– Time Maze Cross Media Art Exhibition Opening Performance, Minsheng art Museum, Beijing, 2018
– IDEE2018 Opening Performance, Shijiazhuang, 2018
– Mass Energy 1862 HBC Contemporary Art Exhibition Opening Performance, Shanghai, 2017
– Pixel Echo Audio Visual Live Performance, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2017
– HOW art you? Audiovisual Live Performance, HOW ART MUSEUM, Shanghai, 2017
– Pixel Boom, 2nd anniversary of Minsheng art Museum, Beijing, 2017
– PIXEL³, new album release concert, YUE SPACE, Beijing, 2017